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6th Southern Hemisphere Economic History Summer School (SHEHSS VI)

6th Southern Hemisphere Economic History Summer School (SHEHSS VI)

Faculty of Social Sciences, Universidad de la República (Uruguay)

Montevideo,  3-8 December 2018


The Economic and Social History Program (Universidad de la República, Uruguay) announces the 6th Southern Hemisphere Economic History Summer School (SHEHSS VI), with the support of RIDGE (Research Institute on Development, Growth and Economics), a joint venture of the International Economics Association and the Uruguayan government.

The SHEHSS VI is willing to gather together postgraduate students working on the economic history of the Southern Hemisphere, but also from other developing regions.

Students will present their own research, discuss and comment other student´s papers, receive comments by invited scholars, attend a set of lectures and take part of the Economic History Workshop organized by RIDGE (December 7-8). Accepted languages: Spanish, Portuguese and English.

Invited scholars:

Joel Mokyr, Northwestern University, USA

José Antonio Ocampo, Banco de la República de Colombia


Jorge Álvarez and Luis Bértola
(Economic and Social History Programme, Uruguay)

Registration deadline: September 28, 2018

Want to join? Send a message to phes@cienciassociales.edu.uy, with the following information:
– Title and abstract of the paper/chapter/research project
– Short CV
– Postgraduate program
– Name of supervisor

The SHEHSS VI only exceptionally will be able to provide financial support to attend the meetings, but it will arrange cheap and convenient accommodation in Montevideo for those attending the summer school.

Welcome to Montevideo!